Hello, I am Ali, and I am a software engineer. I use and therefore will write about Java & Kotlin as backend technologies. I do like to get my hands dirty with front-end technologies.

The topics I will be writing about will cover the web, microservices, and best practices around software engineering, crafting, and architectures. I will also draft my projects and ideas that someone will be inspired and build them when I don’t have the time, skills, or money to realize them.

The ultimate aim of this blog is to make my little bit of the word and share the working, tested solutions to various challenges I have found along the way.

You may be wondering what experience I have. I started my career as a freelance developer building websites and apps for small businesses in Kairouan, Tunisia. Later I moved to France and started my career as a Software engineer in Paris.

I spent four years helping Sopra HR Software solving challenging technological problems for its HR solutions. Later, I joined Vidal to work on Healthcare systems and actually with Fnac Darty working on e-commerce microservices. I have used a broad range of different tools and frameworks to help clients build high-value software solutions.

Most of my knowledge comes from reading books, blogs, MOOCs, meetups, open-source projects, and learning from those I’ve worked with at the time.

Some non-programming things to know about me: I live in the Paris area, am a coffee snob, and love football.


Write me on hi @ my website address!

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Having fun developing awesome stuff.